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These may not be completely new and innovative drink recipes, but it may have been a while since you had one of these fun concoctions. Plus, the drawings are awesome, right?  Make tonight a night in, grab some good friends, and play bartender. We bet it will be full of belly rolls. Let us know how many laughs you share! 

Good vibes and awesome times! Happy shaking!

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An Engagement Story inspired by Japan

We had the pleasure of working on an 'Inspired by Japan' engagement photo shoot with our great friends Weddings by Scott and Dana, Layers of LovelyRhapsody Event Rentals, and Hey! there Cupcake. You can catch the full feature tomorrow on Bridal Musings

The Japanese Friendship Gardens at Balboa park served as the lovely backdrop. The Japanese gardens are a highly interactive form of art where the beholder is permanently summoned to participate in the creation of meaning. One is thus drawn into the dialogue with the composition, and at the same time with oneself. With a location so rich in meaning and symbolism, I knew we were in for an amazing journey of art and discovery as we developed our love story and learned more about the powerful Eastern traditions and symbolism as relating to love, devotion, and strength. 

We thought it would be fun to start with a little behind the scenes glimpse into building a shoot like this - or really how we go about designing any event that we put together.

First, we started with inspiration. This seems like an obvious no brainer! You have to have a spark from which you can build the fire. But, seriously, this can literally come from anywhere. Sometimes it hits you when you see a wallpaper pattern, slice into an exotic piece of fruit, see something striking on your nature walk, or read some interesting article. For this particular shoot, it was the vintage Zokin Fabric, a highly collectable Japanese cloth typically used for cleaning the home, that hit me like a ton of bricks and sparked this creative exploration. Zokin fabric is a durable denim that is hand stitched often by the matriarchs of the household. So much more than a cleaning cloth, it is a foundation in the home that takes patience to make and is durable to withstand the ins and outs of a busy household.  I liked that it shared so many qualities to building and maintaining a strong marriage. It sat on my desk for a few weeks as I continued searching and building inspiration and learning more about Japanese culture and Eastern customs. 

From there, I started to build my Pinterest board (this is really an essential and amazing resource to gather your ideas). As you can see, I pinned Ikebana floral concepts, Japanese artwork dating from different eras including the Art Deco movement to modern day, images of gardens which included lovely stone paths and koi ponds, past weddings with Asian influences, and the items I was sourcing along my journey. With almost 100 pins, the board kept growing as I learned, studied, and contemplated our own story. 

For colors, we started with blues. We were drawn to the Seto Sometuke-yaki style porcelains with their soft whiteness and intricate designs featuring flowers, birds, insects and scenery painted in dark and light indigo blues. It was a natural choice with the Zokin fabric. Blue also represents tranquility, calmness, and purity. Our favorite decorative addition was the hand painted fortune cookies by Almond Pottery which is representative of this type of design. We also were drawn to soft pink, violet & lavender, and mulberry to complete the palette. 

We really enjoyed researching and drawing inspiration from Japanese art and asian marriage and engagement customs. The symbolism behind the heritage and customs really brought out the specialness of the shoot.

A few noteworthy customs we attempted to bring to life in our story included....

Our giant heart and the cake stand are adorned with the 'double happiness' symbol which is the symbol for joy repeated and compressed into one. It is often used in Asian wedding ceremonies. We made the giant heart from wood and handpainted a pair of cranes (a symbol of fidelity) to complete the design.

Another symbolic message we had to incorporate is the 'red string of fate' or 'kanji.' According to myth, the gods tie an invisible red string around the two small fingers of those who are destined to meet each other. Isn't that incredibly romantic?

Another custom we featured is o-mikuji which are fortunes written on strips of paper and displayed at Shinto shrines. The o-mikuji predicts the person's chances for his or her future hopes of coming true, for finding a good match, for enjoying good fortune, etc. When the prediction is bad, it is a custom to fold up the strip of paper and attach it to a pine tree which is a pun on the word pine tree - pine tree (松 matsu) and the verb 'to wait' (待つ matsu). The idea being is that the bad fortune will attach itself to the tree rather than the bearer. Good fortunes can also be tied to the trees or wires so that the fortune can have greater effect for the bearer or the person can keep it for good luck. We filled our fortunes with ones of love, promise, and predictions for a bountiful marriage. =)

To add to the authenticity of the shoot, we sourced beautiful vintage pieces like the bamboo tumblers, glass fish chopstick holders, tea set, a paper parasol dating back to the 40's, and vintage Kokeshi dolls that served as lovely cake toppers. 

The Japanese Friendship Gardens at Balboa Park served as the perfect backdrop for our young couple. It poured rain on the day of our shoot but that made the environment glisten even more. Surrounded by tall bamboo and a lovely koi pond, we couldn’t think of a more lovely and symbolic place for a young man to ask his love to marry him.

We can't wait to share more from this shoot with you tomorrow over on the blog.

Under the Moroccan Moon

We had the pleasure of designing an "Under the Moroccan Moon" themed surprise party at The Grand Del Mar a few weeks ago. Guests were great and keeping hush, hush so that we could make our birthday girl blush! Thanks to our friends Weddings by Scott and Dana and Layers of Lovely, the night came together beautifully. 

Guests entered into the cocktail reception where they were transferred to an "Old Hollywood" themed parlor featuring grandiose portraits of vintage movie star icons and larger than life balloons.  Our escort cards were even designed to look like movie ticket stubs to view Casablanca in the main dining room. 

The Grand Del Mar is...well...GRAND. The main ballroom has soaring ceilings with gorgeous chandeliers and a sprawling stage with burgundy and rose drapery. The main color scheme was blush and pinks complemented by abundant amounts of lush greens and metallics. The colors were striking against the natural burgundies in the room. The feeling was classic and feminine with a worldly elegance. 

Raj Tents provided a gorgeous home for our fortune tellers.  With lovely drapery and tassels, the tent completely delivered that Moroccan feel. Guests were delighted to meet with the Tarot card readers to hear what their future held. Entertainment was abundant as guests feasted on a Moroccan menu, enjoyed a live action Ice Cream station by SubZero Ice Cream, and danced the night away to the Ira Liss Jazz Band

We loved this spectacular night in "Morocco." 

Wedding Attire Decoded

With wedding season right around the corner, you are probably starting to receive save the dates and wedding invitations for a bunch of events, each with its own personality. Or, you may be planning your own big party! If you know your guests my hit the panic button rather than rejoice in fashion heaven, we advise you to keep the wording regarding dress code basic so that there's no question about what to wear. If you are getting ready to put on your dancing shoes for someone else's event, we hope this guide helps navigate you thru the mall racks as you put together a cool shimmy outfit. 

Here's a quick cheat sheet to assist you in styling your guests or dressing to impress at one of your many engagements this season!

Image via

Image via

Image via The Londoner

Image via The Londoner

Black Tie: This is the most formal and clearest dress code of them all. “Black Tie” simply means men must don tuxedos and women should wear long, fancy gowns. Even in tropical climates, if the invitation says black tie, ladies, it’s typically not appropriate to wear a short dress. Some exceptions can be made but it's recommended to keep the overall color scheme of a shorter hemline in a richer hue and with an elegant silhouette. Fool proof outfit: A long gown for ladies and a tux for men. Gals, you are invited to wear color! As long as it's a long evening gown, feel free to wear a pretty shade of your most flattering color. 

Image via  100 Layer Cake

Image via 100 Layer Cake

Black Tie Invited or Requested: Essentially when you write “Black Tie Invited,” you’re inviting your guests to dress in black tie, but it’s not required. This leaves the option open for men to wear a tux and thus opens it up for the ladies as well. A long gown or a shorter cocktail style gown is acceptable, however it is still very formal. It's most helpful for men who may not own or be able to rent a tuxedo and therefore they are given the luxury of wearing a dark suit.  Fool proof outfit: For ladies keep the dress long with an ankle gazing gown and add a pretty statement necklace. Men can strut their stuff in a tux or dark suit and bow tie. 

Creative Black Tie: This is when formal events add a punch, especially when there's some sort of other theme going on at the event. It can be a scary term for people who are hesitant to embark on a fashion experiment. You may see this also called Texas Black Tie or 1920's Black Tie. Essentially, choose a dressy look that works with the theme. For men, it's simple. Start with a tux and then add a whimsical element to that such as a colored bowtie, a black shirt, cowboy boots, etc. Ladies have the option to wear a longer gown and do the same such as incorporating a cowboy hat into their look. Fool Proof Outfit: Men keep the tux as is and simply trade in dress shoes for a pair nice black cowboy boots. Ladies wear your elegant gown on and just add in some long strands of long pearls. If you are feeling adventurous, rock a delicate floral head crown.

Festive Attire: This means that guests should have fun and dress according to the theme of the invite. They are welcome to wear bright colors and clothes that make a big statement because it’s going to be a playful event. It's helpful to make sure that theme is expressed clearly in the invitation or website so that guests know that they will not be over or underdressed. If it is a garden, ranch, vineyard, backyard, etc event, make sure guests know that there is an element of casualness to the event and to dress comfortably footwear wise that is in line with the grounds (ie. grass, dirt paths, etc) and jacket/shirt/dress wise for the weather.  Full Proof Outfit: Men are always safe with a pair of slacks, nice leather belt, and a button down shirt. Depending on the festive element behind the event, you can translate this to either a short or long sleeved shirt. Ladies can find relief and comfort in a pair of wedges and a knee length dress. 

______ Chic (ie. Beach Chic, Vineyard Chic, Nautical Chic, Barnyard Chic, etc, etc): Similar to festive attire, this mode of dress lets your guests have fun with the theme of your event. The addition of the word Chic lets guests know to step the dress code up a bit and to look nice. It's also a good way to quickly let guests know the theme so they aren't left searching or guessing. Fool Proof Outfit: Ladies, grab a colorful number and a pair of wedges to be safe on all sorts of terrain. Guys can work in some colored slacks, a dress shirt, and simple jacket. Tie is optional. 

Cocktail Attire: For guys, this usually means a dark suit and tie while the gals can show off their gams in a shorter hemmed dress that is party ready. In our opinion, men can have some fun for cocktails. Fun patterns on ties and gingham patterned shirts are a good alternative and easy way to dress to impress. Fool Proof Outfit: When in doubt, a LBD is a great way for ladies to look chic. Easy for men is a dark suit and tie. 

Business Attire: Typically used for corporate events that are scheduled right after work. Employees will come dressed from the office. Essentially, suits and dressy business attire are requested. Full Proof Outfit: This is usually dictated by your corporate culture so keep it in line with what is acceptable at the office.

Resort Casual: Imagine you are headed to a country club for brunch with your grandparents. During the daytime, men can wear khakis but during the night, slacks are more appropriate. Shirts should have a collar so daytime calls for a polo or button down while a pressed button down shirt is good for night time. Ladies are welcome to wear trousers or slacks with a nice blouse or may wear a mid length dress. It's good to bring a bolero or shawl to cover up those shoulders. Fool Proof Outfit: Check any guidelines for your country club or venue but typically men can should choose slacks and button down shirt. Ladies will be safe in trousers and a silk blouse. 

Casual: You are inviting your guests to dress comfortable and casual which can mean jeans, shorts, shirts, etc. Really, there’s no enforced dress code. Note: If you want people to dress in a slightly less informal style, you can always put “Casual Chic.” I believe that whenever you add the word “Chic” to your attire, you’re telling guests to please take it up a notch but don't stress about the outfit. 

Come as you are: I love this for day-after brunches or backyard barbecues. This simply means: wear whatever you want. Even PJs are welcome if you feel so inclined!

All White Attire: In this case, everyone is invited to wear white. It’s a particularly beautiful dress code for beach weddings. It's helpful to indicate the level of dress for men - whether that be jackets or just dress shirts expected - and ladies can take the lead from there. 

Decorating with Paper

We have seen some amazing paper creations during our random google searches and perusing of our favorite blogs. But, our journey discovering 'all things paper' opened our eyes to the vast creativity and craftsmanship of paper artists. From florals to art installations, paper can be an amazing building tool.

How beautiful is this paper quilled typography by Sabeena Karnick?! She hails from Mumbai, India and has fast become a sought after artist by advertising agencies around the world. She created the piece below for a magazine feature. In an interview with All Things Paper, she remarked that the world of paper is "vast and magical" despite being a "fragile medium" where "making corrections is difficult."

Image via  All Things Paper

We love the blog: The House that Lars Built. Brittany is the creative genius behind the name and her work is inspiring. When we heard her sister Caitlin was getting married, we knew the wedding would be a showstopper. Wow! It surprised and surpassed all expectations! The paper flowers were whimsical and outrageous! You can catch more of this beauty on Martha Stewart Weddings and The House that Lars Built. (We know you are wondering about the dress! Its Temperley London!) 

You may have seen the beautiful collection of party goods by Oh Joy! at your local Target. We have been drawn to them more than a few times. The color palette is stunning. 100 Layer Cake featured the beautiful photos from the Garden Party thrown to celebrate the launch of the line. Our draw dropped when we saw this paper floral backdrop. 

This backdrop is INSANE! Can you believe its just paper napkins stuffed into chicken wire?! What a brilliant and economical way to make a statement!

Paper mobiles, garlands, and chandeliers are another easy way to add color and texture to a room. These rainbow mobiles are made from colorful vellum paper. Simply cut the paper into strips and sew a quick stitch down the center. Voila! 

Image via  Project Wedding

Image via Project Wedding

Apply the same idea as above but cut out geometric shapes instead of strips. The result is a very modern take on party garland. 

Image via  Indulgy

Image via Indulgy

These chandeliers would be a perfect addition to any party table. We think the first one includes... pasta noodles? Definitely a fun DIY project to do with your older daughter who may be ready to transition into an "older" room. 

Image via  Hello Wren

Image via Hello Wren

Strapped for time but want to make an impression? Signage is a great way to personalize and theme the party. We love the line from Hostess Ink. You can buy the whole party package which makes it EASY!

Image via  Hostess Ink

Image via Hostess Ink

If you have a laser cutting machine, you can make some really cool signage out of paper then add some glitter for pizzazz!

Image via  Burnetts Boards

Image via Burnetts Boards

These silhouette designs would be beautiful in a frame or as an addition to a special card to a loved one. Created by DreamPapercut on Etsy, each piece is painstakingly hand cut and can take several hours to days to create. They are inspired by beauty, nature and love. We think the photos of the paper silhouettes are incredible and emotive as well.

Anthropologie never disappoints with their creative window installations. We especially loved their Spring 2013 window displays that celebrated Earth and nature. They created paper mache replicas of fruit and vegetables. The results were beautiful and mouth watering!

Via Anthropologie

Via Anthropologie

We hope you are feeling inspired to create, reuse, and repurpose those scraps of paper laying around the house! Happy crafting! 

The Adventure Begins for Paddington Bear

Paddington Bear first debuted in 1958 and his creator, Michael Bond, subsequently wrote 20 books about his polite bear. With universal recognition, Paddington has sold more than 30 million copies worldwide. I fondly remember the television series launched in the US in 1989. I fell in love with that bear and loved his adventures, mishaps, and his attempt to "get things right." 

Now with my own babies to introduce to Paddington, I was overjoyed to see the launch of the BabyGap collection earlier in the year. It is a limited edition collection so be sure to snag up your precious onesies, boots, and pure adorableness. 

We've been following Paddington on Twitter. With the launch of this campaign, he has been a busy traveler! He's gone around the world promoting the new movie and new line. And so, the adventure begins. 

“Paddington Bear™ is a universally loved character, known for his adventurous, spirit, polite attitude and his style” said Jane Pattinson, Vice President Global babyGap design, “We feel that our babyGap customers will love the playful designs – from Paddington’s iconic blue duffel coat, yellow wellington boots to polka-dot ponchos, to quirky bear inspired hats – whether they’re looking for a special baby gift or a fun addition to their own little one’s wardrobe.”

With all of the excitement Gap has built up for the return of Paddington, of course we were thrilled to see the launch of the trailer for the movie (brought to you by the producer of Harry Potter!). Set to release in November in the UK, we are hoping to hear a US release date really soon. 

And, with that, we leave you with a delicious recipe for Marmalade courtesy of Martha Stewart

Photo via  Martha Stewart

Photo via Martha Stewart


  • 8 Seville oranges, 6 oranges peeled, peels cut into 1/3-inch pieces, flesh seeded and coarsely chopped; 2 oranges quartered, thinly sliced, and seeded
  • 2 lemons, quartered, thinly sliced, and seeded
  • 1 1/2 quarts cold water
  • Sugar


  1. STEP 1

    Bring fruit, peels, and water to a boil in a large saucepan. Cook for 5 minutes. Turn off heat, cover, and let cool. Refrigerate for 8 hours (or up to 1 day).

  2. STEP 2

    Freeze a plate. Uncover citrus mixture, and bring to a simmer over medium-high heat. Cook until thickest peel is tender, about 20 minutes. Measure mixture, and return to pan. For each cup of mixture, add 3/4 cup sugar.

  3. STEP 3

    Bring mixture to a boil, stirring often. Cook until mixture registers 220 degrees to 222 degrees on a candy thermometer, about 20 minutes. To test for doneness of marmalade: Drop a spoonful on frozen plate. If marmalade has a slight film when pushed with a finger, it's done. If it spreads out and thins immediately, continue cooking, and test again after a few minutes. Transfer marmalade to airtight containers, cover, and let cool at room temperature. Refrigerate overnight before serving. (Marmalade will keep, covered and refrigerated, for up to 1 month.)

First Birthday Smash Cakes

Today is my little girl's FIRST birthday! We are so excited for Maeven. The first birthday is such a huge milestone. Looking back over the year, it's hard not to tear up thinking about the little infant that I cuddled in my arms for months and then to smile big as I marvel at my walking, babbling, incredible little human. 

Photo by  Hellobee

Photo by Hellobee

To celebrate her birthday, we will definitely be presenting her with her own smash cake. 

Smash Cakes, if you aren't up on the child party lingo,  are a separate, perfectly proportioned cake for the little birthday baby. The trend is one thats sure to stay. What better than to give your child their own piece of the celebration where they are free to get messy and have fun.

The reasons to love smash cakes:

1) Free entertainment: It's a blast to let your little one revel in the sugar. And, your guests get a good chuckle from it, too! 

2) The Priceless Picture: Whatever you have to do to get the perfect shot, right? We love the classic photos of a baby's joy when they really dive into the cake. They may start out slow, but almost all babies eventually get a taste of the good stuff and dig in. 

3) Control over the Ingredients: You've been fretting over what your baby eats for a year now, so we get that you might be worried about the sugar.  With a small cake, you can control what goes into the baby's cake. Make it preservative free, full of fruit, sugary and sweet like cake, or whatever fits your family's style. 

4) You have your own Cake: On trend is to get one small cake for the baby and one larger and elaborately designed cake for the rest of the party. The more dessert the merrier.

5) Small means Quick: A small cake is easy to whip up in a cinch. Try using an empty formula can for your mold. It turns out a cake thats the perfect wee size. 

We've rounded up some of our favorite smash cake images around the web on our Pinterest. Click below to check out some great ideas for your own baby's cake. 

Happy Birthday, Maeven!

Guide to Planning a Wedding

Planning a wedding can get CRAZY!!! We all know that there's alot that goes into planning any event.  We try to help our clients stay organized and provide them with tools to keep it easy, streamlined, and FUN.  Well, when we saw this illustrated guide to Planning a Wedding, we nearly did a backflip. This is the epitome of fun! We LOVE the super cool illustration by Veronica Dearly for an easy map to arriving at the Big Day! It's full of amazing advice designed in the coolest way. We couldn't have said it better. We especially love her note to "Be You! Look like you on the day. It will be awesome." There's no truer statement.

Friday Jam - Sam Smith

We were blown away the other night by Sam Smith's performance on SNL. Yet another UK music genius, Smith was featured on Naughty Boy's single "La La La" which entered #1 on the UK singles chart and was nominated for UK awards best song of the year and won at the Critic's Choice awards. Since then, his career has been on a skyrocketing trajectory. His SNL debut is sure to have made quite a stir in the American public. I know I can't get enough of his songs. Check him out on tour now in the US

Photo via  OkPlayer

Photo via OkPlayer

This is an electronica song by UK band Disclosure.

Disclosure's song "Latch" featuring Sam Smith. 

Friday Jam & Equestrian Wedding Feature

Happy Friday, everyone! We are so excited to share this collection of prettiness with you today. A few months ago, we had the pleasure of working with our fabulous friends to style an Equestrian themed bridal shoot. We chose a romantic color palette with shades of blues and turquoise, lush greens, soft peaches, and crisp white.  Gideon Photography did an outstanding job capturing the elegance of the day.

Doesn't the glow from the falling sun create a dreamlike stage? We especially love this shot with the horses peeping their heads out of their stalls. They didn't want to miss out on the fun! Do you spot the mini horse?!

The couple dined inside a rustic barn illuminated by our homemade mason jar candles. 

Layers of Lovely designed the most gorgeous florals for the setting. We love this shot of our bride with her steed -- him with his garland, her with her bouquet. Our bride looked stunning in this beautiful gown by Mina Olive.

Oh, the cake! We dreamt of a cake inspired by leather but with feminine touches. Las Vegas Custom Cakes created this dream cake with the ruffled layers and baroque trim. 

Our horse model looked debonaire with his eucalyptus garland and traditional English riding gear. 

For place cards, we designed these fun pieces using mixed media. We wanted to incorporate leather into the mix so we sewed leather to canvas paper and then added calligraphy and cute doodles to personalize the tags. Each tag had a design that reminded the bride and groom of their guest.  It made for a unique and custom detail on the table. The bride and groom were able to let their guest know how much they cherish their friendship thru design. 

Each place setting held a peach adorned with sweet florals. The spread knives, by Sycamore Hill, were hand stamped with the words "Thoroughbred & Butter." We used Juliska (quite possibly some of the most beautiful tableware around) plates, bowls, napkins, flatware, and charger plates to set the romantic and luxurious table. 

Guests were invited to the wedding with a custom wedding invitation suite. Paper and Home created the beautiful paper goods and we created the handmade leather envelopes and calligraphy. 

We wanted our horse guests to enjoy the event just as much as their human guests. So, we built an "Equine Candy Bar" featuring sugar cubes, Road Apple muffins, organic carrots & apples, raisins, and oats. 

A special thank you to all of our vendors who worked on this fun shoot as well as to Ashley from Road Apples for letting us use her stunning barn and horses. She also makes dog and pig treats (trust me, your animals will love them!).  We also would love to thank Shauna from Beauty by Shauna and Jackie for doing the makeup and hair for this lovely day.  Special thanks to Jimmy from Southern Utah Bride Magazine as well for inspiring the shoot and featuring it. And, we have a fun video from the day as well by Nate from NP Films that highlights our equestrian shoot (and shows some of our Thanksgiving Day shoot as well)! You can see more pictures from this day on our wedding gallery page

And now, for your listening pleasure, we are sharing with you today another playlist from my amazing husband. His playlist "Only for the Faint of Heart" is the perfect playlist to accompany this shoot. We recommend enjoying the songs with a tall glass of sauvignon blanc. Happy Friday!

Friday Jam - Alicia Keys

With two wee ones running around, you can bet we watch our fair share of cartoons. Naturally we influence the ones our kids watch which often times means bringing back our favorites from our childhood. Anyone remember Gummi Bears?! With such an iconic theme song, its kinda hard to forget. 

Image via  Collider

Image via Collider

We were surprised when we searched for the theme song and saw that Alicia Keys did a cover. How awesome! We wonder how long it took the crowd to realize what she was singing?

Check it out here. Happy Friday!

Take a trip down memory lane....

a very AWESOME friday jam: Tegan & Sara

We wanted to post an AWESOME song to end the work week.

Today's Friday Jam is a collaboration by Tegan & Sara and The Lonely Island entitled "Everything is Awesome." It's the theme song for the Lego Movie.  The song is simply an enthusiastic profession of love for awesome things in life like skim milk, friendship bracelets, and lemonade.  We are warning you!! It is extremely catchy and this song will be stuck in your head for days. However, it will also make you smile and dance slightly embarrassingly. 

And if you haven't seen the Lego Movie, find a little friend and go check it out. It's superb. Check out the trailer below...

Chanel debuts Supermarket Chic

After seeing the Chanel runway show at Paris Fashion Week, I think I need to kick up my supermarket wardrobe a few notches. 

Photo via  Chanel

Photo via Chanel

Designer Karl Lagerfield wowed everyone at Paris Fashion Week with his bold and brilliant transformation of the Grand Palais in Paris. The entire supermarket/runway was covered in Chanel branded items. Cookies, wine, spaghetti --- if you have a penchant for Chanel, this would have been incredible to see. Models walked up and down the aisles filling their baskets, attempting to show everyday life transcending the runway.

Kendall Jenner's Instagram

Kendall Jenner's Instagram

Image via  GaDailyNews

Image via GaDailyNews

The new collection featured sneakers with a twist. They came in knee high lengths and were dubbed 'Sneaker Boots.'  Heels were not to be seen. 

Models rocked RagTweeds (dreds made from tweed fabric). 

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 9.09.08 PM.png

Major trends included Pink and Pastels, Florals (often seen printed on the sneaker boots), classic tweed, and 'Sports Luxe' influences (hence the sneakers, slouchy pants, and tracksuits). 

Image via  GaDailyNews

Image via GaDailyNews

Stars in the crowd included Rhianna, Keira Knightly, and Michelle Rodriguez. 

Image via  GaDailyNews

Image via GaDailyNews

We adore this concept and styling! Chanel may not be the most affordable line for casual, everyday wear, but we LOVE the fantasy. 

Getaway Vehicles

It may be a tradition of the past but we hope it makes a HUGE comeback with brides and grooms. It's a classic wedding image and a proclamation to the world that the bride and groom have "Just Married!"

We love a good getaway vehicle. Yep! No one says you have to hop into a vintage Rolls-Royce to make a grand departure. We've dolled up our fair share of golf carts, a modern day VW bug, and even a Wine Trolley. But we are loving the idea of bicycles, boats, and...what!? a snowcat!

It's actually traditionally the job of the groomsmen to decorate the car!? We hope we have more couples asking us to style their getaway vessel of choice (which can include our signature tin cans)!

Below is our inspirational pinterest board.  

A Very Romantic Friday Jam: Happy Valentine's Day

We hope everyone had a day filled with LOVE from friends, family, and significant others. Today we are feeling sappy and a little nostalgic. So, our Friday Jam tonight is the song I walked down the aisle to. It's a BEAUTIFUL love song. Enjoy.