Holiday Lipsticks

Guest Blogger: Shauna Morgan, Makeup Artist Extraordinaire

Holiday season is upon us.  It's time to pull out our cozy sweaters, colorful wrap scarves, and our favorite boots.  Just as our wardrobe changes for the season, so should our lipstick!  Over the years I have collected and experimented with many different kinds of lipsticks.  It's one of my favorite cosmetics because it so quickly and dramatically changes a look.  Whether you are getting ready for a holiday party, brunch, or a wedding, lipstick is a girl's best friend. Below are some of my personal favorites and must haves. 

Ladies, this season is all about bold colors so don't be shy to wear them!  Just remember the golden rule.  Bold lips means a natural eye.

I'm loving this fun coral/orange called BANG!BANG! from Melt Cosmetics.  


Bang Bang by  Melt Cosmetics

Bang Bang by Melt Cosmetics

Stupid Love by  Melt Cosmetics

Stupid Love by Melt Cosmetics

I also love the above color from Melt called Stupid Love.  Melt is a new lipstick line that just recently launched. They offer an array of fantastic new colors that you probably don't have in your bag already.

Image via  All Women Talk

Image via All Women Talk

Blush Nude by Tom Ford

Blush Nude by Tom Ford

If color is just not your thing or you are going for a cat eye look to your next outing, check out this Tom Ford lipstick in Blush Nude.  It is perfect for an every day lip and looks great on just about anyone!

Lana by Jouer Cosmeitcs

Lana by Jouer Cosmeitcs


 Jour Cosmetics is a great line not only for foundation but also for lipsticks.  I discovered them about 6 months ago and just can't get enough!  This color is great for women who love reds and berries.  This is such an original color because it is not your every day red.  I highly recommend this color for your upcoming holiday parties.  You will be a show stopper! Pick up a gold dress to rock with it.


Vivid Violet by Smashbox

Vivid Violet by Smashbox



My all time favorite lipstick is Smashbox's Vivid Violet.  It it perfect for every skin tone and all ages.  If you are a fan of plum colors, this is your lipstick!