Last Minute Halloween Costumes

It's almost time for the spooky night of the year we call HALLOWEEN!  Whether you are a mom taking the kids out to trick or treat or yuppies inviting friends over for a classy halloween gathering to sip on mulled wine and pass out candy, halloween is the one time of year to have fun and dress up so EVERYONE should do it.  Here are some last minute halloween costumes that are quick and easy for all Halloweeners! 

Lion Costume--- A lion costume is perfect for any gender of all ages!  It's cute, simple, cheap and fun to throw together for a last minute costume.   

What you will need: 

Fur Vest- I found amazing one here and here.  

Brown body suit or brown tights and brown long sleeve.  You can find one here. 

Lion ears and tail.  I found some super cute and cheap ones here!

Eyeliner!  Take some black eye lines and draw a nose and whiskers and you are done! 

OH! One last thing. SHOES!  You want to be comfortable and warm whether you are walking around with the kids trick or treating or attending a halloween party.  Some brown boots or white loafers are both a good choice when going as a lion this year!   


Next up, whats better than a shooting star? Being a shooting star this year will give you tons of kudos points for creativity!  If you want to dress up to be something a little more girly and pretty this year a shooting star is all you.   

Pinterst   Shooting Star 

Pinterst  Shooting Star 

What you will need: 

Silver body suit found here.

Sequins jacket (not mandatory). I found a cute one here.

Star head band found here.

Paint a star on one of your eyes with sparkles kind of like this!!! 

If you have a dog and want to dress your dog up to match you, I thought this was such a cute and easy idea!  If you choose to be the lion this year, you can run to the fabric store and buy a cheap $2.00 piece of fabric and sew or pin it together to look like this. 

That is all for today, hope everyone has a spooky and fun Halloween this year!   


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