Thank you notes made easy!

We live in a day where we contact each other by email and Facebook. Gone is the ancient roladex with everyone's physical address and it seems the hand written note is also falling to the wayside. Come wedding time, gathering addresses can be a pain! So, naturally we are obsessed with Postable! Postable makes it easy by giving you a link to send to friends, family, wedding/party guests, etc. They simply fill in the information and its uploaded to your account.  Best of all its free to set up the account!

Their main function is to help  you write, stamp, and mail thank you cards. I have to admit, between our business and my family time, writing thank you cards is not something I get excited about. But, we all know how important it is to take the time to thank that special someone who took their time to make you smile

Basically, we love this concept for all parts of life.  Bridal shower, wedding, baby shower, birthday parties, and all those sweet gifts sent in between.  

We love the idea of having our list of contacts all online where we can easily edit the address if someone moves and can always find the address.  You can even import and export the contacts and make notes in their file. 

They offer so many cute and fun cards to choose from. We love the designs, offering a card for all different types of events. 

I have sloppy penmanship so I especially love the idea of being able to type out my message.  They make it personal by offering different fonts that look like you hand wrote the note. 

And then they mail it all off! Anything that helps to simplify my busy life gets an A plus in my book!

We love the idea of having our clients create Postable accounts, both for their benefit for when they write thank you cards and also so we can use the information for them when we create their invitation suite. Seems like an easy way for us to collaborate without a mess of emails back and forth. 

I'm excited to write Thank you notes now!