Friday Jam: Diego Garcia

Diego Garcia just released his second solo album Paradise in October, a follow up to his 2011 release Laura.  Garcia’s band includes an Italian-born cellist and a Spanish-styled guitarist, plus a tight rhythm section. Garcia cites the young Julio Iglesias as his role model. He has taken inspiration from and has been compared to Leonard Cohen due to their florid instrumental sounds and soul-rending ballads

He's an up and coming artist, not yet well known, but one we hope continues to break through the music industry to bring us inspirational music. 

Says Garcia, “When I was in the studio making the Laura album, I was digging through my parents’ record collections and really taking a deeper look at Latin troubadours. There was one singer named Piero; I heard his song ‘Mi Viejo’ and it changed my life. I spent a whole session listening to that song, to all the details. When you listen to those singers, the drama in their delivery was so powerful, the way they would capture ‘the malady of love.’ Then I had this sort of eureka moment. It sparked an idea that felt very natural to me, reaching into that lost world, that golden age of Latin music.”

“Sunnier Days” is a pure-pop highlight, with a sing-along passage near the end that audiences everywhere will soon be memorizing. But the song’s title, just like the album name, is deceptive. Offers Garcia, “That song is one of my proudest moments. For me, it’s a strong pop song in that it takes your mind off things, both sonically and lyrically. But underneath the surface there is a deeper spiritual message that hopefully bring you closer to the truth.” 

We especially love "She Dances" off of his album Paradise. Listen to it here: