Friday Jam - Ceremony Music

Wedding ceremony music is more than just the music that accompanies you as you walk down the aisle. It creates the ambiance, sets the tone, and defines you as a couple. Though pre-recorded music works for a ceremony, we love when live musicians play. They really amplify the emotions that are building in the room. There are a number of moments in a ceremony that calls for a special song. 

Don't think too hard about this. We repeat!! Don't think too hard! The music should speak for itself (and like that moment you put on your wedding dress) it should just be a "Yep! That's the one!" kind of moment. 

Do keep in mind that, when played by a live musician, the weird introductions, breathy or atmospheric sounds, and curse words are omitted! Live musicians loop choruses and rearrange the songs so that there's no awkward pauses and they fade the song so it ends when it should. 

Instrumental Music:

If you are thinking of just having instrumental music, we love Vitamin String Orchestra on Spotify. They have renditions of tons of songs (from rock to classical to pop), so it makes it nice to hear what your song will sound like without lyrics. You can check out their listing here and then search for your song:

The first two songs to choose when deciding your ceremony music are:

1) Song for your officiant, parents, groomsmen, and groom to enter into the ceremony

2) Song for your bridesmaids (& groomsmen if maids are being escorted)

Here is our list of songs that make great processional music:

The Beatles have some great songs for these two song choices. Our favorites are:

And our other suggestions are:

We love that brides are being creative and having fun with the song that they choose to walk down the aisle. Our song suggestions for this beautiful wedding march include these two by The Beatles:

And these (get out your tissue) beautiful songs:

Keep in mind, if you are having a religious or cultural wedding, you will definitely have some more songs to add to the list, including interlude songs. 

And lastly, you will want to choose a Recessional song. This is the song that plays as you exit the ceremony site. We prefer something a bit more upbeat but love songs are sweet too! Again, it all depends on your vision, style, and tone of your wedding. Here are the songs we like:

Have some other suggestions!? We'd love to hear them. There's infinitely good music in our lives so we bet you have plenty more ideas. Weddingwire has compiled a huge list of songs as well that you can see here: More song ideas.