Valentine's Day Cards & Flowers

Valentine's Day is on FRIDAY!

Did you know over 180 Million cards will be exchanged (of which 85% are purchased by women) while men will mostly be in charge of picking up the flowers (73% of flowers bought are by the guys)? In light of these fun stats, we are rounding up some of our favorite cards and some fun (non-rose) florals (with some underlying messages).


We would LOVE to get one of these pretty awesome cards. Anyone need our address? =)

Unicorn Card by  Hello! Lucky

Unicorn Card by Hello! Lucky

Anatomy of Love Card by  Rifle Paper Co.  

Anatomy of Love Card by Rifle Paper Co. 

DIY Watercolor card via  Style Me Pretty

DIY Watercolor card via Style Me Pretty

Zombie card via  Buz Carter

Zombie card via Buz Carter


We our big fans of Mental Floss magazine. It's full of amazing facts. We loved the article on Valentine's Day flowers and their meanings (non-rose ideas).  We are going to share a few that were featured but be sure to head on over there to see the full article: click here

Holly & TarragonIf you really want to surprise your significant other—and have a ring in mind—try a batch of holly, which means you’re offering your beau a lifetime of domestic happiness, and mix it in with some tarragon—this means you have a lasting interest, and you’re sure to impress.

Image via  John Chofee  /  Sharon M Leon

Image via John Chofee / Sharon M Leon

Striped Flowers: If you’re getting paired up with your friend’s ugly cousin or acting as wingman or woman for your roomie, be sly and classy and show up with a bouquet of striped flowers, which means “thanks, but no thanks.”

Image via  Renee Silverman

Image via Renee Silverman

Cumin and Passionate Flowers: You and your partner have been embracing the free love spirit of the '60s, but now you're finally ready to commit. Let that person know with a bouquet of cumin and passion flowers, which means you’re not only passionate about that person, but ready to stay faithful.

TansySomeone dump you on Valentine’s Day? Send the jerk a nice batch of tansy, a less psychotic way to show you are having hostile thoughts than a voodoo doll filled with pins.

Image via   Pegghr

Image via Pegghr

Have a love filled week and a sappy and romantic Friday!