First Birthday Smash Cakes

Today is my little girl's FIRST birthday! We are so excited for Maeven. The first birthday is such a huge milestone. Looking back over the year, it's hard not to tear up thinking about the little infant that I cuddled in my arms for months and then to smile big as I marvel at my walking, babbling, incredible little human. 

Photo by  Hellobee

Photo by Hellobee

To celebrate her birthday, we will definitely be presenting her with her own smash cake. 

Smash Cakes, if you aren't up on the child party lingo,  are a separate, perfectly proportioned cake for the little birthday baby. The trend is one thats sure to stay. What better than to give your child their own piece of the celebration where they are free to get messy and have fun.

The reasons to love smash cakes:

1) Free entertainment: It's a blast to let your little one revel in the sugar. And, your guests get a good chuckle from it, too! 

2) The Priceless Picture: Whatever you have to do to get the perfect shot, right? We love the classic photos of a baby's joy when they really dive into the cake. They may start out slow, but almost all babies eventually get a taste of the good stuff and dig in. 

3) Control over the Ingredients: You've been fretting over what your baby eats for a year now, so we get that you might be worried about the sugar.  With a small cake, you can control what goes into the baby's cake. Make it preservative free, full of fruit, sugary and sweet like cake, or whatever fits your family's style. 

4) You have your own Cake: On trend is to get one small cake for the baby and one larger and elaborately designed cake for the rest of the party. The more dessert the merrier.

5) Small means Quick: A small cake is easy to whip up in a cinch. Try using an empty formula can for your mold. It turns out a cake thats the perfect wee size. 

We've rounded up some of our favorite smash cake images around the web on our Pinterest. Click below to check out some great ideas for your own baby's cake. 

Happy Birthday, Maeven!