Valentine's Day Cards & Flowers

Valentine's Day is on FRIDAY!

Did you know over 180 Million cards will be exchanged (of which 85% are purchased by women) while men will mostly be in charge of picking up the flowers (73% of flowers bought are by the guys)? In light of these fun stats, we are rounding up some of our favorite cards and some fun (non-rose) florals (with some underlying messages).


We would LOVE to get one of these pretty awesome cards. Anyone need our address? =)

Unicorn Card by  Hello! Lucky

Unicorn Card by Hello! Lucky

Anatomy of Love Card by  Rifle Paper Co.  

Anatomy of Love Card by Rifle Paper Co. 

DIY Watercolor card via  Style Me Pretty

DIY Watercolor card via Style Me Pretty

Zombie card via  Buz Carter

Zombie card via Buz Carter


We our big fans of Mental Floss magazine. It's full of amazing facts. We loved the article on Valentine's Day flowers and their meanings (non-rose ideas).  We are going to share a few that were featured but be sure to head on over there to see the full article: click here

Holly & TarragonIf you really want to surprise your significant other—and have a ring in mind—try a batch of holly, which means you’re offering your beau a lifetime of domestic happiness, and mix it in with some tarragon—this means you have a lasting interest, and you’re sure to impress.

Image via  John Chofee  /  Sharon M Leon

Image via John Chofee / Sharon M Leon

Striped Flowers: If you’re getting paired up with your friend’s ugly cousin or acting as wingman or woman for your roomie, be sly and classy and show up with a bouquet of striped flowers, which means “thanks, but no thanks.”

Image via  Renee Silverman

Image via Renee Silverman

Cumin and Passionate Flowers: You and your partner have been embracing the free love spirit of the '60s, but now you're finally ready to commit. Let that person know with a bouquet of cumin and passion flowers, which means you’re not only passionate about that person, but ready to stay faithful.

TansySomeone dump you on Valentine’s Day? Send the jerk a nice batch of tansy, a less psychotic way to show you are having hostile thoughts than a voodoo doll filled with pins.

Image via   Pegghr

Image via Pegghr

Have a love filled week and a sappy and romantic Friday! 

Guestbook Ideas

We love the creative ways couples invite their guests to help commemorate their day. The guestbook is the perfect place to incorporate your personality, reinforce the theme of the day, and highlight heritage and tradition. It can be a homemade, crafty, artsy, or silly without losing any timelessness and class important to any wedding. Below we have highlighted some of our favorites (though this is only the tip of the iceberg in wedding guestbook creativity). 

Watercolor Guestbook via Snippet & Ink

Watercolor Guestbook via Snippet & Ink

Love art?  Who doesn't, right? Well, why not have a guestbook that you can hang up and see all the time. Let your guests find their inner artist. Depending on the project, you may want to provide a smock or cute apron! 

You can give your guests a template to get the project started -- like partitioned boxes or a theme like a garden!

Grow us a Garden via Ruffled

Grow us a Garden via Ruffled

Paint a square via Pinterest

Paint a square via Pinterest

Rather than paint, you can still achieve the idea of a "piece of art" with a pre-made canvas or art board. Guests can fill in with their names or short messages or even a thumbprint. 

Hearts and Raindrops via Heartwork Memories

Hearts and Raindrops via Heartwork Memories

Wave print by StudioGoldArte

Wave print by StudioGoldArte

Thumbprint Poster via InvitingMoments

Thumbprint Poster via InvitingMoments

Custom Chalkboard Art Guestbook by Custom Chalk

Custom Chalkboard Art Guestbook by Custom Chalk

We love pinatas. They are festive & fun and make a fairly easy DIY craft.  Think of how much you and your partner will laugh on your anniversary when you try to knock these messages out!

Love Note Pinata via Canvas and Canopy

Love Note Pinata via Canvas and Canopy

Photo via  The Knot

Photo via The Knot

Are you a sport's enthusiast? Anytime you can incorporate a shared hobby or interest into the day, we say do it! Love surfing, snowboarding, skiing, roller derby? Take a board, skis, baseballs, or roller skates and have guests sign away!

Roller skating bride via Digital Bungalow

Roller skating bride via Digital Bungalow

Surfboard via  Style Me Pretty

Surfboard via Style Me Pretty

We are suckers for an amazing book. You can never go wrong with a quality bound book filled with pictures and special tokens. It's nice to be able to go back time and time again to read your guests memories and well wishes for you. There are so many ways to design a fantastic guestbook with bindery.  We especially love blurb and mypublisher for a diy project. 

Wooden guestbook via  TotallySalinda

Wooden guestbook via TotallySalinda

Book made from couple's concert tickets, movie ticket stubs, etc. via  Snippet & Ink

Book made from couple's concert tickets, movie ticket stubs, etc. via Snippet & Ink

(We have a mild obsession with Velvet Raptor's stunning books. These are hand de-bossed on a 19th century press. AND, they can be personalized.) 

Velvet Book by  VelvetRaptor

Velvet Book by VelvetRaptor

If you are incorporating nature, dreams, and wishes into the wedding day, we think a wishing tree will be a stunning addition to the room's aesthetic. How sweet for guests to be able to add wishes to such a symbolic piece as is a tree. You can even use a real tree and plant your love fern in your backyard after the wedding.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

If you enjoy a more humorous approach to a guestbook, try a madlib. You can write your own story and create a pretty funny way for guests to send you their love. 

Madlib via WeddingsbyJamie

Madlib via WeddingsbyJamie

Lastly, for you down-to-earth couples looking for a solid, sturdy foundation to kickstart your new life together, have guests sign a piece of furniture.  You will always have their messages visible and will be able to use it for years to come. 

Bench via  Hometalk

Bench via Hometalk

Chair via Lucky to be in Love

Chair via Lucky to be in Love

Friday Jam - For the Ladies

Our good friend, Adam, created a brilliant playlist called "For the Ladies" with songs written to a special (or evil) gal. We think it's a pretty cool idea. So ladies, find your name and pretend it was written for you. Happy Friday!

Friday Jam - Hollywood

This song has me pumped for Friday night (even if I am staying home)! Happy Friday, everyone!

Friday Jam - Ceremony Music

Wedding ceremony music is more than just the music that accompanies you as you walk down the aisle. It creates the ambiance, sets the tone, and defines you as a couple. Though pre-recorded music works for a ceremony, we love when live musicians play. They really amplify the emotions that are building in the room. There are a number of moments in a ceremony that calls for a special song. 

Don't think too hard about this. We repeat!! Don't think too hard! The music should speak for itself (and like that moment you put on your wedding dress) it should just be a "Yep! That's the one!" kind of moment. 

Do keep in mind that, when played by a live musician, the weird introductions, breathy or atmospheric sounds, and curse words are omitted! Live musicians loop choruses and rearrange the songs so that there's no awkward pauses and they fade the song so it ends when it should. 

Instrumental Music:

If you are thinking of just having instrumental music, we love Vitamin String Orchestra on Spotify. They have renditions of tons of songs (from rock to classical to pop), so it makes it nice to hear what your song will sound like without lyrics. You can check out their listing here and then search for your song:

The first two songs to choose when deciding your ceremony music are:

1) Song for your officiant, parents, groomsmen, and groom to enter into the ceremony

2) Song for your bridesmaids (& groomsmen if maids are being escorted)

Here is our list of songs that make great processional music:

The Beatles have some great songs for these two song choices. Our favorites are:

And our other suggestions are:

We love that brides are being creative and having fun with the song that they choose to walk down the aisle. Our song suggestions for this beautiful wedding march include these two by The Beatles:

And these (get out your tissue) beautiful songs:

Keep in mind, if you are having a religious or cultural wedding, you will definitely have some more songs to add to the list, including interlude songs. 

And lastly, you will want to choose a Recessional song. This is the song that plays as you exit the ceremony site. We prefer something a bit more upbeat but love songs are sweet too! Again, it all depends on your vision, style, and tone of your wedding. Here are the songs we like:

Have some other suggestions!? We'd love to hear them. There's infinitely good music in our lives so we bet you have plenty more ideas. Weddingwire has compiled a huge list of songs as well that you can see here: More song ideas.  

Friday Jam - Father/Daughter & Mother/Son Dances

We missed our Friday Jam the last couple of weeks! I've been traveling and working with a bunch of new brides' to plan their 2014 nuptials! What a fun year it looks like it will be!

Today we are showcasing some of our favorite Father/Daughter and Mother/Son Dances. It can be hard to find a sentimental love song that is representative of a parent/child's love. Most love songs are (fittingly) written for lovers. This seems especially true with the mother/son dance category.

If you are struggling to find a song, take a minute to listen thru these two playlists. Hopefully you will find a one that hits the right note!

For either parent, you can never go wrong with playing  "In My Life" by The Beatles. 

And, here are our Spotify playlists featuring more song ideas. 

Father/Daughter Dances:

Mother/Son Dances

Thank you for a FABULOUS year!

We had a blast working with our amazing clients, fabulous friends, and awesome crew. Thank you to everyone who made it so much fun. We can't wait for what 2014 has in store for us!

Party Prep for New Year's Eve

Mommyhood will keep me from venturing out this year, but that doesn't mean I lack excitement for the merriment and celebration behind ringing in a new year. If you are in the midst of party prepping (but are running behind because you haven't recovered from the holidays), I've rounded up some ideas to save you time and energy.  

Drink. Dazzle. Delight.


 Bottles of bubbly are synonymous with NYE celebration. If you tire of plain jane champagne and yearn for something new and fun, try a champagne mojito! It will be a refreshing treat that will get you revved up for the warmer months around the corner in 2014.

Champagne Mojito

Ingredients (per champagne glass):

1 tbsp lime juice
1/2-1 tbsp cane sugar
1-2 twigs mint
Crushed ice
a few lime slices, quartered
100 ml champagne/sparkling wine

1) Combine lime juice, cane sugar and some mint leaves in the glass and stir until the sugar is dissolved.
2) Add crushed ice, lime slices and rest of mint leaves. Stir.
3) Slowly poor chilled champagne into glass. Stir well.
4) Serve with a straw.

Champagne Mojito via  Strudel and Cream

Champagne Mojito via Strudel and Cream

Cranberry Jello Shots

Jello Shots may not seem like a "grown-up" choice to serve at a cocktail party but they sure are fun! We love this recipe that dresses up the shot. The extra garnish and pizzazz makes jello shots seem like a culinary delight rather than a long ago, dorm room memory. 

Cranberry Cocktail Juice
Cranberry Jell-O Mix (1 3 ounce package)
Orange Vodka

Heat 2 1/4 cup Cranberry juice until it boils, pour in bowl and mix in jello until dissolved. Add 3/4 cup orange vodka and pour into shot cups. Put in fridge to set overnight.

To garnish, cut small pieces of rosemary and roll fresh cranberries in honey and sugar. Add them to the top of each shot after they've set. 

Cranberry Jello Shots via  A Beautiful Mess

Cranberry Jello Shots via A Beautiful Mess


We love a dress that delivers on multiple levels. It's a winner for us if it's sexy, comfortable, and classy. These two dresses caught our eye. We love the mixture of leather and lace with the BCBG dress (left - also available in red!) and we love the price tag (almost 1/5 the price of the BCBG dress) and color from this blue number at ChicWish. The nude lining creates a bit of mystery without being revealing.

Layton Lace Dress by  BCBG  (image via  Social Bliss )

Layton Lace Dress by BCBG (image via Social Bliss)

Blue Eyelash Dress via  ChicWish

Blue Eyelash Dress via ChicWish

We know NYE is a night you can never be overdressed (even if you are simply celebrating in your kitchen with a few friends). So, why not wear sequins! You can dress to impress and dazzle everyone in this wonderfully named Shimmy Shimmy dress by Free People. I'm a huge fan of the idea of Rent the Runway. This romper by Robert Rodriquez retails for $432 but you can rent it for $70!

Sequin Disco Romper by Robert Rodriguez via  Rent the Runway

Sequin Disco Romper by Robert Rodriguez via Rent the Runway

Shimmy Shimmy Party Dress by  Free People

Shimmy Shimmy Party Dress by Free People


No party is complete without some fun decor and great tunes. Here are some easy decorating tips to create a festive environment. Then check out our playlist for some fun music to mix in with your favorite tunes.

Tassel garland via  Confetti System

Tassel garland via Confetti System

Gold Pinata via  Confetti System

Gold Pinata via Confetti System

Diy Party Hat via  Studio DIY  via  OhHappyDay

Diy Party Hat via Studio DIY via OhHappyDay

Balloons via  Geronimo Balloons

Balloons via Geronimo Balloons

This playlist will have you and your friends dancing all night. Playlist courtesy of The Flashdance


Happy New Year's everyone!!

Friday Jam - Mountainside

Right now I'm sitting in Aspen enjoying the smell of the fire and the view of the white winter wonderland outside.  There's something about the snow that makes me want to listen to alot of country, somber ballads, and indie rock.  Today, I wanted to post some songs that I love listening to that make the subzero weather and dark nights awesome.

Friday Jam - Grand Entrance & Cake Cutting Songs

We all know that the grand entrance needs a fun, energetic, and awesome song for the bridal party and the bride and groom to make their grand entrance. We have searched high and low for our favorites. Here is our list of go-to rock songs, indie dance jams, and classic anthems. 

The song you cut your cake to is also equally important! It's your chance to play another song that represents your sweet love for each other. With all eyes on  you, will you want to go for slow & sentimental or fun & poppy? We love hearing the couple's choices. Here are some songs to give you some ideas on what beat might be perfect for the moment. 

Friday Jam - Bouquet and Garter Toss

Looking for a special song to throw your bouquet? We have rounded up our favorites. Though Beyonce's "All the Single Ladies" reigns #1 on the dance floor, there are a number of other options out there to fit your personality. This is our list of girl power anthems and just plain girly fun.

We like splitting the garter toss into two events -- the garter grab where your man takes that garter from you and the garter toss where he throws it to the single men.  We love music so splitting it up seems to really make this event super fun. 

And then we like these rock-n-roll jams for the guys to come out and try to catch (or not catch) the garter. 

Holiday Packaging

Holiday season is in full swing. We've been shopping for weeks now trying to find the perfect gift for the special people on our list. As much as we love the search, we truly love sitting down with a cup of coffee and some good tunes to wrap the goods. Our table is covered with colorful papers and bows. To help inspire and excite you wrapper extraordinaires, we have compiled a pinterest board full of ideas on how to expertly package gifts. Check out our board and feel free to follow us on pinterest! Happy wrapping!

Friday Jam - First Dance Songs

The first dance is such a magical moment for a couple. We love hearing the song a couple chooses to represent their love for one another.  Here is a list of songs we have compiled that we think capture love and would make a fantastic first dance jam.

Friday Jam: Ryan Bingham

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday!

If you are a fan of Bob Dylan, Band of Horses, and/or Wilco and haven't given Ryan Bingham a listen then do so. He blends folk, country, and rock-n-roll offering songs that will make you sway and others that will have you stompin' your high heels and boots. 

"Southside of Heaven" is one of my favorite songs. I can listen to this one over and over. 

He notably co-penned & performed the award-winning theme song "The Weary Kind" for the 2009 acclaimed film, Crazy Heart.  The track won him an Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, and Critic's Choice Award for "Best Song 2010."  Check it out here:

Friday Jam: Diego Garcia

Diego Garcia just released his second solo album Paradise in October, a follow up to his 2011 release Laura.  Garcia’s band includes an Italian-born cellist and a Spanish-styled guitarist, plus a tight rhythm section. Garcia cites the young Julio Iglesias as his role model. He has taken inspiration from and has been compared to Leonard Cohen due to their florid instrumental sounds and soul-rending ballads

He's an up and coming artist, not yet well known, but one we hope continues to break through the music industry to bring us inspirational music. 

Says Garcia, “When I was in the studio making the Laura album, I was digging through my parents’ record collections and really taking a deeper look at Latin troubadours. There was one singer named Piero; I heard his song ‘Mi Viejo’ and it changed my life. I spent a whole session listening to that song, to all the details. When you listen to those singers, the drama in their delivery was so powerful, the way they would capture ‘the malady of love.’ Then I had this sort of eureka moment. It sparked an idea that felt very natural to me, reaching into that lost world, that golden age of Latin music.”

“Sunnier Days” is a pure-pop highlight, with a sing-along passage near the end that audiences everywhere will soon be memorizing. But the song’s title, just like the album name, is deceptive. Offers Garcia, “That song is one of my proudest moments. For me, it’s a strong pop song in that it takes your mind off things, both sonically and lyrically. But underneath the surface there is a deeper spiritual message that hopefully bring you closer to the truth.” 

We especially love "She Dances" off of his album Paradise. Listen to it here:


Thank you notes made easy!

We live in a day where we contact each other by email and Facebook. Gone is the ancient roladex with everyone's physical address and it seems the hand written note is also falling to the wayside. Come wedding time, gathering addresses can be a pain! So, naturally we are obsessed with Postable! Postable makes it easy by giving you a link to send to friends, family, wedding/party guests, etc. They simply fill in the information and its uploaded to your account.  Best of all its free to set up the account!

Their main function is to help  you write, stamp, and mail thank you cards. I have to admit, between our business and my family time, writing thank you cards is not something I get excited about. But, we all know how important it is to take the time to thank that special someone who took their time to make you smile

Basically, we love this concept for all parts of life.  Bridal shower, wedding, baby shower, birthday parties, and all those sweet gifts sent in between.  

We love the idea of having our list of contacts all online where we can easily edit the address if someone moves and can always find the address.  You can even import and export the contacts and make notes in their file. 

They offer so many cute and fun cards to choose from. We love the designs, offering a card for all different types of events. 

I have sloppy penmanship so I especially love the idea of being able to type out my message.  They make it personal by offering different fonts that look like you hand wrote the note. 

And then they mail it all off! Anything that helps to simplify my busy life gets an A plus in my book!

We love the idea of having our clients create Postable accounts, both for their benefit for when they write thank you cards and also so we can use the information for them when we create their invitation suite. Seems like an easy way for us to collaborate without a mess of emails back and forth. 

I'm excited to write Thank you notes now!

How to word your Invitation Suite

We love paper goods at weddings, especially the invitation suite because this is really the first step towards setting the mood and tone for your wedding. It's your way to get people excited about celebrating with you and to give them a small glimpse into what to expect. We love the beauty of classic formal invitations and the uniqueness of offbeat and artistic ones. 

It's not always easy to know how to word the invitation, especially when dealing with blended families or delicate situations.  We have put together some forms that will hopefully help.  Special thanks to Paper & Home for their wording samples for Invitations and RSVP's and also Offbeat Bride, Purple Trail, Bella Figura, and Digby Rose

Invitation Suite by  Pitbulls and Posies

Invitation Suite by Pitbulls and Posies

To view SAVE THE DATE wording examples, you can download them here.

To view INVITATION wording examples, you can download them here.

To view RSVP wording examples, you can download them here

To view INSERT CARD and EXTRA IDEAS, you can download them here.

Invitation Suite by  Paper and Home

Invitation Suite by Paper and Home

Friday Jam: Haim

Often compared to Fleetwood Mac, Haim is comprised of three sisters. Their sound has been described as “nu-folk-meets-nineties-R&B.”  If you have children, ditch the kids tunes and pop on their album.  We promise your kids will dance their little hearts out. Don't get us wrong, these girls are hardly making kid's music. They just have an incredible crossover sound making it enjoyable for everyone. With Thanksgiving and holiday parties around the corner, keep Haim in mind when you are making your playlists. We are willing to bet you will have guests asking who is playing! 


Gettin' Crafty: Thanksgiving Wishbone

The custom of snapping these bones in two after dinner came to us from the English, who got it from the Romans, who got it from the Etruscans, an ancient Italian civilization. 

As far as historians and archaeologists can tell, the Etruscans were really into their chickens, and believed that the birds were oracles and could predict the future. They exploited the chickens' supposed gifts by turning them into walking ouija boards with a bizarre ritual known as alectryomancy or “rooster divination.” When a chicken was killed, the furcula (ie. wishbone) was laid out in the sun to dry so people would still have access to the oracle's power even after eating it. People would pick up the bone and make wishes on it, hence its modern name. Read the full text from Metal Floss  here.

Supply and demand is always an issue on Thanksgiving. Unless you are making turkeys to feed an army, you usually only get one at of the whole ordeal. So, we are offering a way to give everyone at dinner a chance to make a wish

These are easy to make and require minimal supplies. 

The first step is to download our wishbone template which is available here.  Next take a piece of the air dry clay that is roughly half the size of a pink eraser.  You will start modeling this between your fingers until you get a shape that resembles the shape on the template. It can help to lay the clay on a piece of wax paper and roll the clay out like a snake piece in order to make the large u-shape of the top piece and then the bottom piece. You can then flatten the U shape onto your bottom piece to create the wishbone shape. We prefer to keep the clay all one piece and make the bottom piece first then take your wooden modeling tool and split the top part in half to make the U shape. Then use your fingers to model the clay to create your shape.  It's really a personal preference how you prefer to work with the clay. 


If the clay becomes difficult to mold, dip your fingers in some water and apply it to the clay. When the clay is wet it becomes easier to manipulate. Take your wooden clay modeling tool and use that to help you get the desired shape.  When finished, lay the wishbones on a piece of wax paper. Take a pen and lay the bottom of your wishbones on the pen to create a curve in the wishbone. Let your wishbones sit out overnight. They will dry and harden. These can take 1-3 days to dry depending on the size of your creations. 


Once dry, you can paint or glitter your wishbones to add some festive color to them.  Put one on each place setting with a place card.  Guests will have fun breaking your wishbones during dinner! You can also make an extra large wishbone for an extra special wish.

wishbone painted (2).jpg

Friday Jam: Jersey Pool Party Playlist

Just because summer is over doesn't mean we can't listen to mixed tape full of 80's and early 90's that remind us of being poolside (in Jersey!).  This playlist features nostalgic gems that transport you back to the days of big hair, heavy makeup, and neon bathing suits.  This awesome playlist was made by my amazing hubby, Brad. Thanks! To subscribe click here.

While we are having fun, mix up some 80's cocktails to celebrate these awesomely colorful years (recipes below).  

Harvey Wallbanger

According to legend, the Harvey Wallbanger was named after a Manhattan Beach, Californian surfer called Harvey who drank so many Screwdriver drinks topped with Galliano that he well, banged into walls.


1.25 oz Vodka

3 oz Orange Juice

.5 oz Galliano L’Autentico


Add the vodka and the orange juice to a tall glass filled with ice. Stir, and float the Galliano on top. Garnish with an orange slice.


Harvey Wallbanger via

Harvey Wallbanger via

Woo Woo Cocktail


Woo Woo via  Stuart Webster

Woo Woo via Stuart Webster

3 oz Vodka

1 oz Peach Schnapps

1 oz Cranberry Juice



In shaker glass with ice pour Vodka, Peach Schnapps and Cranberry Juice. Shake well and pour into a highball glass. Garnish with fresh cranberries.